Co-Presidentt 2023-2024

Michelle Madison and Sharon Lancaster

Working to make Channing UUC a great place to be!
Michelle Madison has been a member of Channing since 2016. She has been a math teacher for 35 years teaching for 14 years in Long Beach California and for the past 21 years at Edmond Memorial High School. She enjoys living in Edmond with her two grown children and three cats. She has served on Channing’s Board of Directors in various capacities from the encouragement of the late Briana Greenemeyer. Michelle is looking forward to serving as Co-President with Sharon Lancaster.
Sharon Lancaster is a retired Physician Assistant. Sharon had spent the bulk of her career working at the Children's Hospital in OKC, in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology. She also had  a 9 year stint in geriatrics/ dementia.  Sharon has one son, Drew, who is a physician in New Mexico. She is a grandmother to two wonderful Apache/Cherokee grandchildren.  Sharon is proud of having been one of first female PAs in the country.  Sharon's household includes her almost 98 year old mother, and a chihuahua named Siri.  Sharon joined Channing about 2004 and has served a number of different roles at Channing since then. 
Michelle Madison and Sharon Lancaster