Channing Channel - January 2024

Another year in our hindsight brings thoughts of loss, laughter, and love. Without being specific, many of us may have lost something or someone in our inner circle. I do not mean to sound pessimistic, just realistic. Realistic enough to send thoughts of comfort and care if any pain from loss has appeared in your life during the past year. Now to move on to laughter. Sending affirmations toward any joys you and yours have experienced last year. I believe laughter is healing. So, apply any healing laughter you can find from the last year that will propel you forward! And last is to meditate on the love that has surrounded you and your household during 2023. The love we can find in our work, rest, and play. Sharon and I send all these thoughts to every member and friend of Channing. May we continue to hold our loved ones dear as we approach 2024. For the full newslwtter, click here