Channing Channel - June 2024

Greetings folks! When my son was quite young, probably four or five, he kept track of the weeks like this: "Number one school day, number two school day, number three school day, number four school day, number five school day, cartoon day and church day." Now that I am retired, I have trou ble keeping up with the weekdays-- thank good ness for cell phones and computers. I used to hear older folks speak about how fast time flies. It feels that the number of days between time to write this note to you gets shorter every month! The theme for June is Enthusiasm. I need some. I'm looking forward to being inspired by our speakers this month. A sneak peek at the schedule tells me that the title for Catherine’s sermon is "Savoring Life". Sometimes I get too busy to do this. What I do savor is our church family. I am not going to list folks, because that would include virtually all of us. Since I've complained about time flying, I will jump to thanks giving. Not with a capital T, just thanks, and thanks for giving. There are so many unsung he roes in our church. Without you all, there would be no Sunday service, no Order of Service, no goodies, no music, no Zoom, no budget, no bills paid, no grounds kept. We would all (especially me) be less for lack of emotional support and love we bring to each other. Thanks. Hope to see you Sunday - in person, or by Zoom.

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