Channing Channel - May 2024

Greetings fellow Channing-ites, Chan ningers, oh well--friends and members of Channing UU Church. Spring is here. The irises, roses, lilies and hope - prayer, thoughts, active donations - keep our fellow Oklahomans at the forefront of your minds. are blooming on our grounds. The horses in the paddock are prancing and occasionally rolling in the dust. Along with these beautiful things, we also get pollen causing us to sneeze, and tornados causing destruction. Just this past week, lives were lost in Oklaho ma because of a tornado, and as I speak, the tv channels are all live, on air, reporting current bad weather. However you express concern If you missed Anna Holloway's ordination this month, you missed a moving, loving, entertaining celebration. ( Good food, too!) Congrats Anna. The theme for the month is Identity. Lots of possibilities for discussion. I'm sure our speak ers will knock it out of the park. I'm looking for ward to it! See you there.

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