Channing Channel - March 2024

President's Corner  February was fickle. Warm one day, cold the next! It would not be fun if any of you were like me (you have seasonal allergies). Hopefully, the weather will become as stable as Oklahoma can be, which is unpredictable. Maybe March will bring more rain and we can begin spring early. I know my dandeMarch Forum  This month we will be examining what it is to be Liberal or Conservative. Although the two political affiliations are quite different, there just might be some similarities.  Come to discuss these similarities. You might be surprised. lions think it is spring! Hopefully, it will BEGIN to be spring! That follows along with this month’s theme:  BEGINNINGS. We HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE EVERY Sunday. Believe us, you are missed when you are not there.  See you on Sunday!  Michelle & Sharon To read the whole Channel, click here