Channing Newsletter - September 2023

Wow! Most of us UUs don't believe in Hell, but recent weather has challenged that belief.  There is hope.  September is upon us.  Although we will still have some very warm days, it is doubtful that we will experience multiple consecutive days of unrelenting heat.  

    When the  church air conditioning was acting up in August, we were very fortunate to be able to have it promptly repaired. Thanks to all who continue to support the church- both financially and in so many other ways.  Physical labor, organizational and technical skills-so many behind the scenes talents keep this church running on a daily basis.

    Attending services is one of the most obvious ways of support.  Without smiles, hugs, sharing of joys and concerns, we wouldn't be a church family.  Love is the spirit of this church....

     Hope to see you Sunday.

                   Michelle & Sharon

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