Channing Channel - October 2022

October is Channing’s anniversary month. As a church, we received our charter from UUA in 1983. We are thus celebrating our 39th Anniversary this year. A number of individuals, many who became members and many as friends have passed through our doors through the years. Whether they have stayed around or just momentarily blessed us with their presence, they have been important to us, and us to some of them. We have been reminded that recently, when several of members from earlier years visited us or their names were acknowledged about the impact they had on us and us on them. So, this month, I wish to honor all who walk through our doors. Thank you for your presence and your impact on us. We are certainly a community of fellow travelers each searching for diverse options through our lives. So Welcome All. We invite you to revisit us, stick around, have a cup of coffee, and pick up a broom or shovel and stay around with us for a while. You are all important to us.

Blessed Be


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