Channing Channel - January 2023

And a Happy New Yeay to you all!!! We ended 2022 on a high note with a collection of funds for our Minister's Discretionary Fund, a fun Christmas party, the sponsoring of a Hope Center family with 4 children with a Christmas meal and many gifts, and our December Congregational meeting. After our recent cold snap (and there will probably be more as we get into 2023), we are ready for some warmth and new opportunities. Our Spiral Circle CUUPs chapter will celebrate the Sabbat Imbolc on Jan 29 (a celebration of increasing daylightand new beginnings in ourselves) and we, as a church, will be enjoying a healthier time with hopefully more in person gatherings and less dependence on Zoom (which has been a great addition to our member outreach). If you make resolutions for the coming 2023.....may they all be positive! Let's keep the positive forward movement going for ourselves and our congregation. Happy New Year!!!

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