The Channing Channel - October 2020

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
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Nov 12, 2020

Welcome, October - Move forward, go back. There are daily gains and losses. Oklahoma, as a State, is such a generous place, but sometimes we, as individuals, don’t live up to expectations. Why are so many of us insensitive to our neighbors’ well-being? We lose. From the very heart of our Congregation, we lost a valued, lovely member – Dorothy Driver. We honor her, miss her, and smile as we share stories about her long life. She was a dynamo/ an Energizer bunny.

We leave Sunday services believing that Dorothy would want us to live with our whole hearts, as well. And we will. Our members are showing their determination. Doesn’t it make you proud to hear we are sending in our pledges, and our obligations are being paid? Some members clean the barn to make our property more productive, and some create designs for banners to welcome newcomers to our services. Virtual Game Night goes on, the Ladies’ Lunch continues...and more. This takes planning and their gift of time. I wonder if we can claim to be like our Dorothy? Small, but mighty.

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Debbie Allen