The Channing Channel - November 2020

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
min read
Nov 12, 2020

I recently saw a cartoon saying that we should all plan to stay awake the entire night of December 31st, not to celebrate but to make sure 2020 actually leaves! My friends, let’s not give up hope that the ice storm which happens in the middle of the Pandemic, in conjunction with the numerous hurricanes and fires will combine in force to wipe out the murder hornets!! We need some humor and some time together, so let’s talk about our Service Auction. It has always been such a memorable night, and I’m looking forward to the one coming up on the 14th of November. Members are talking about bringing some of my favorite things. Hal’s Birds and Bagels is a wonderful experience. Will Kathleen auction her Fabulous cookies? My family requests the dishcloths and scrubbers that Jana makes. There is always such a variety. I’m sure there is something of interest for everyone.

My item this year is a little different, but important, I think. I am putting up for silent auction “shares” in food donation to the Care Center in Edmond. A week ago, I delivered $200 worth of food – sugar, coffee, boxes or mac and cheese, and cereal, Capri Sun drinks, and you name it. I would like people to be “donation partners” $10, $20 partners...whatever you want to contribute. It feels good to give to such a cause as feeding hungry people. Hungry kids will eat that mac and cheese and have a normal meal at home. What's better than that? I want people to be safe and fed... this is one thing I can do. As a church we can keep this going. I will continue to deliver food to them throughout the year. I loved the feeling of pulling up at the Center and saying, “This is from Channing Church.”

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