The Channing Channel - March 2021

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
min read
Nov 5, 2021

Happy spring. Turn your clocks forward and open your new gardening and landscaping guides … it’s almost that time. Seriously? The months flyby. People want to schedule appointments with me in March! “Why do I have to wait until March?” I complain. “That’s next week,” they say. I love spring. Here’s a childhood memory. Throughout the year we had fund raisers in school. I was always selling something to my best customer – my grandmother. At this time of the year, I was selling flower seeds. They didn’t give us a catalog; they gave us packets of seeds to sell. My goodness that was 65 years ago, and I still buy Nasturtium seeds because of the fascination that came from feeling those big, bumpy seeds inside the packet. So that’s it. That’s what it takes to get me into the mood of spring. Where did I put that gardening guide? Debbie Allen

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