The Channing Channel - June 2021

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
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Jun 1, 2021

Remembering our childhood days when a trip to a relative’s home took forever, we asked, “Are we there yet?”  We were told to hold on. We will be there soon.  That’s the way our journey as a Church has been over the past 14 months. We watched the numbers of infected Oklahomans rise and we waited, hoped, and held on.  Then one by one, we got our vaccinations and began to plan for an arrival at the hoped-for end of the tunnel.

Our first in-person service took place on Sunday, May 23rd.  It felt we had made it (still masked and distanced) but together, and it was magical.  The service itself was described in other ways. I heard someone say, “It was a clunky beginning.”    Maybe that is the perfect way to describe life’s journey…clunky, but magical.  Everyone--- really everyone ---was happy to be at the church and doubly blessed to have visitors!  

As we begin anew, we don’t want to forget that we have projects and plans leftover from previous years- a kite flying day, a wiener roast, a day trip to Medicine Park, OK. I have not given up on those. I can see those happening, especially now.  

Everyone, please welcome our new President of the Board of Trustees, Liz Duncan. She is not only knowledgeable and effective, she is fun. In fact, that was her desire for us as a church when we talked to her about taking the office.  She said, “I want us to have fun.”  How’s that for a winning platform?   We are right behind you, Liz.  Ready for the good times.

Debbie Allen

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