The Channing Channel - January 2021

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
min read
Jan 20, 2021

Welcome, 2021. What will it bring us? 365 opportunities.

This past year has been like a bad rollercoaster ride.  Hope, hopes dashed, new commitments, stalled action, lock-down, carefree expressions of personal freedom, record numbers of illness and death, vaccines.  I HOPE that our small congregation continues to focus on all that is working, and that we will continue to be together (distantly) until we can be back together safely.

We are grateful for those things which are consistent – our ministers, our pianist, our wonderful Zoom meeting Production Director – Eva, our knowledgeable Board of Trustees (they amaze me), Church Committee leaders and members (hard-working and dedicated), and finally our beautiful building that awaits our return. I hope that we continue to draw visitors. Their presence makes Sunday services that much sweeter. We’ll advocate for what is right and good.  Some of us write messages of hope on our garage doors! and bring a sense of unity to the whole neighborhood. Others of us teach, plan, build, nurture, make music, write, and maintain. Continue, Channing members, to make your mark.  Every gift is valued and celebrated.  

Happy New Year!

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