The Channing Channel - February 2021

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
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Mar 5, 2021

We are entering February, a month to celebrate love. Do you have special memories about Valentine’s Day at school?  I remember choosing each perforated paper card and deciding which card I wanted to send to each person in my class.  Our teachers and parents made sure that there was a card for every single one of us.  We returned to our homes with our decorated shoebox “mailboxes.” It was a special day to feel loved and appreciated. I often have to remind myself that Valentine’s cards, engagement rings, and weddings still hold the same magic for young people as it once did for me. Our children, grandchildren, and greats are right in the midst of making magic days, despite all that may be going on around us.  I want to unfurl my worried brow and remember that love and lovers remain, and heart-shaped boxes, filled with candy have not changed. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends.  May your hearts be filled with love.                                  Debbie Allen


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