The Channing Channel - December 2020

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
min read
Dec 9, 2020

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Service Auction. It was so different by the fact that it was online. Even so, it went off without a hitch. It was well-planned, fun,  and especially blessed by those special items from Lucy Almitria’s and Dorothy Driver’s estates.

We bid on outings that we'll attend after the danger is gone.  We got excited thinking about having a swimming party and a weenie roast  It shows our hope and our optimism.  The Auction raised money to may for our everyday items: utilities, insurance, speaker and music fees and for those things that just come out of the blue and cost lots of money... such as an ice storm.  Well done, All.  

It seems impossible that we are entering December. On one hand we can say, time flew by, and on the other, it was like 2020 would never end. How is this year going to change us?  We’ll continue to take precautions so that we can stay well.  Predictions are that masks will be a part of our lives for some time. Eventually, we’ll be able to get vaccinated, but we will think differently about things and people. We will value delivery drivers, nurses, and teachers more, and we won’t take ordinary things, such as supplies for our hospitals, for granted. If we are fortunate, we’ll have jobs, but maybe we will work from home. We will remember those who lost so much this year. They waited in food lines, feeling desperation.  It’s been a hard time, but now it’s December, and we will leave this year behind.

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