The Channing Channel - August 2021

Elizabeth Duncan
Elizabeth Duncan
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Aug 7, 2021

       I just returned from visiting my son Tim’s family in Dallas and celebrating his 32nd birthday. This birthday was his first as a father, and so begins the realization of how insignificant your birthday is compared to your child’s.

I know he will be a great father, but I found out something very disturbing the last time I visited. I was helping to get my granddaughter, Lilah, ready to go to her pediatrician’s appointment by changing her diaper. I offhandedly asked Tim how many diapers he had changed, and he replied, “None.” I was shocked. Shocked!

He claimed to be unable to handle a “poopy” diaper. I pointed out that the majority of diapers are not “poopy”, and that he picked up dog poop every day. He said this was his contribution to cleaning up poop.

While I was there, he hung a mobile above her place in the living room where she always spends her time with her mom, Maddie. He had made it using some flash cards that have various black and white pictures to stimulate her. She was mesmerized! I think as long as he keeps doing things like this he can get away with not changing diapers. Maddie did say that when she goes out with her friends and leaves him home with Lilah, she expects him to experience it!

These past 15 months have made me keenly aware of just how important my family and friends are.  I know you all feel the same.


Liz Duncan

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