The Channing Channel - August 202

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen
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Nov 12, 2020

When situations arise, we deal with them. No one would wish for a pandemic to shake things up, but here we are. Someone wrote that it feels that we are all in a big Time-Out. We’ve been sent to our rooms to think about things. If there is one theme that runs through our experience, it seems  to be gratitude. Now, we get excited  about the things we used to take for  granted – like toilet paper. I’m particularly grateful for the Zoom experience. It’s  not what I would have wished for, but it’s  an awesome way to come together. We  get a little peek into the lives (and homes)  of Channing congregants that we didn’t have before. There’s a kind of intimacy that comes from that.

At Channing, we enjoy our routines, so we are grateful for the effort that each person contributes to keep those routines in place. We still light candles, enjoy beautiful music, express joys and con cerns, listen to the messages from our  speakers, and attend to church business.  In time, we will be back together inside  the building that we love, but, for now, I’m  grateful for Sunday mornings and zoom ing with the people who make up our  church.

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Debbie Allen