Channing Channel - September 2021

Elizabeth Duncan
Elizabeth Duncan
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Sep 7, 2021

Writing this small column each month was, for me, the least attractive duty of the President. But I will soldier on.

Our country appears to be so divided, but I am convinced that the majority of Americans are not far left or far right but are in the middle.  The two extremes are very vocal and receive A LOT of media coverage.

The one thing my husband and I can agree on politically is the caliber of those individuals who are willing to expose themselves and their families to the media scrutiny that goes along with running for public office.

Are Joe Biden and Donald Trump the best our country can offer?  I think we all know the answer to that.

I recently watched a repeat performance of Chris Rock, the comedian, as host of Saturday Night Live. It was originally recorded before the last presidential election, but in his opening monologue he did not mention any candidate by name.

He asked if anyone knew of any job that once you got it, you had it for 4 years. Say you got a job as a cook, but everyone vomited after eating your food. Would you still be the cook for the next 4 years? It was really funny.

I’m not suggesting the terms should be shortened (it would take an amendment to the Constitution). At least the president is limited to 2 terms. How about our Congress? Could term limits eliminate the current deadlock by cycling out the old guard and injecting new blood?

His message was to get out and vote. This is a privilege that has so much history that it is shameful that so many of us do not exercise this right.

I know this is only September, but everyone has time to educate themselves about what offices are up for election and who is running for that office. I will continue to harp on the mantra: Most politics are local. Find out who your state senators and representatives are. State secretary of state? Superintendent of education? Who is your mayor? City council members? County commissioners? Who is the court clerk and what the heck does that office do?

There will be a test next month.

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