Channing Channel - October 2021

Elizabeth Duncan
Elizabeth Duncan
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Oct 3, 2021

I am writing this on the eve of my trip to New England. I am visiting friends and relatives of my travelling companions in New Hampshire; Maine; Newbury, Massachusetts; and Cape Cod. I have not been in this part of the country and am looking forward to it. This will be the first time I have flown since the start of the pandemic. I hope everyone behaves themselves on the plane.

I will be flying in and out of Boston’s Logan Airport which we all know what part it played in 9/11. I am sure you watched many of the same 20th anniversary shows I did, which reminded me of the horror, heroism, and unity of that day.

Last week, we said goodbye to Gene Douglas who was one of the first individuals I met when I started coming to Channing. Most every Sunday, he and Linda Gray went to a movie after church. Don and I used to go to movies at the theater almost every week, so Gene and I would discuss what we had seen. Our tastes were so similar! (Senior citizens)

Which reminds me of my granddaughter, Lilah.  Circle of life!

I am giving you all an extra month to research what local officials do and who is occupying that office or wants to occupy it.  This includes your representatives in the Oklahoma State Legislature, the various state wide races including Treasurer, and Superintendent of Public Instruction, Attorney General, Auditor & Inspector, Labor Commissioner, etc. You also need to know what the county officials do, including Court Clerk, County Clerk, County Commissioners. And I haven’t even touched on the city officials, including Mayor and City Council. There is so much going on right here at home! Stop obsessing about the President and Congress.

Rejoice!! Football is back!! The Monarchs are here!! Life is good.

See you when I get back!

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